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About Us

We do nothing but tablet PC ------- Professional tablet PC manufacturer

PiPO Technology is a Taiwanese invested company, located in Shenzhen, specializing ODM/OEM manufacturing service to overseas customers. Our main products were MP3/MP4 player, Digital Photo Frame,Ebook Reader...... We started Tablet PC from 2010. Since 2011, we put all of our investment and effort on Tablet PC. We have become one of the leading companies in Tablet PC business


Company Profile:

1Established in 2003 

2HK office (Logistics, Finance), Shenzhen office(manufacturing, sales)        

3400+ staffs

4Factory size: 5000SQ meter

5ISO9001 certified


Our Advantage, Why PiPO ?

1. MP3 licensee:
    To ensure the products you order from us can easily EU and US markets , and keep you out of trouble from patent-related lawsuits, we have acquired MPEG Audio license from SISVEL. Tablet PC and ebook reader are with the MP3 function, so we still have to pay the MP3 license to Sisvel. Without paying MP3 license, the products may be blocked in the custom in Europe or some countries. Please visit 

2. HDMI licensee:
    We are the HDMI licensee. Those products support HDMI function need to pay HDMI license. Without paying HDMI license, the products may be blocked in the custom in USA/Europe or some countries
    Please visit licensee list:

3. SDA/HALA licensee:
    PiPO has become the member of SD association since 2012. Aug,

   and become the licensee of Hala:
   For host devices with SD/micro SD card support, you need to the Hala license, Otherwise, products may be blocked in the USA or European  custom.

4. RoHS control, green manufacturing
    To ensure our products can pass the RoHS regulation in EU, we have invested X-ray fluorescence spectrometers.    We can test for ROHS Directive compliance by ourselves.

    Most of our products will pass CE/FCC test by request 

6. Private designs
    For the software: We make our own UI to make the UI more user friendly, unique and beautiful.
    For the ID: Most of our products are with our private designs.  We can offer our products exclusively in your market .

7. Strong support from our suppliers:
    We are the direct account of AUO ,Innolux, Rockchip (CPU)... We can get the best support for the delivery and price.


8. Microsoft’s OEM partner


9. Intel’s OEM partner

10. Strategic partner of Rockchip
    We are the strategic partner of Rockchip and we make all of our products with Rockchip's chipset. We debug for Rockchip and we will be the first one to launch tablets with Rockchip's new chipset and new software. To cooperate with PiPO Technology, we can ensure you to launch new products earlier than your competitors and you will have higher margin.  


11. Wide product range:

    For OS: we do both Android and Windows

    For CPU: we have Intel, Rockchip and MTK

    For screen size: We have 5", 6.4" ,6.5",6.95", 7", 7.9" ,8", 8.9", 9.4", 9.7", 10.1", 11.6"

    We can meet most of your demand


12. ODM/OEM service:
  Most flexible customization to meet the demand of each customer: We customize ID, product colors, user interface, booting logo, functions, packing, accessories......, and we control the cost for you.


13. Niche tablets are welcome

We can develop niche tablets for you, for example: Education, advertisement, game, home security, restaurant, POS......


14. Experience

We have 11 years in international ODM/OEM business and 5 years’ experience in tablet business. Our professional team will help you to succeed in the tablet business.